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Our Story

We’ve got a lot going on – just like you.

Halfway through the adventure that was 2020 we welcomed our second baby boy into a house that was also our office, gym, and daycare.  In managing through the insanity of our daily lives, one lesson we’ve learned is that more stuff was not something we wanted.  That’s where we got the idea for Littlessentials.

Babies and ‘mama-hood’ come with all sorts of new demands and things you never knew you needed.  One thing we learned in raising both our boys is that choosing things that are right – right for baby, right for mama, right for the planet, and right for the artisans behind the product – saves you a mountain of ‘stuff we used once’ while making your daily life just a little bit better as you take care of baby, mama, and everything else you’re juggling.

That’s what Littlessentials is all about – we’ve built this platform to share the little essentials we’ve discovered over the years and offer you a curated selection of high quality, multi-use, minimalist products for baby and mama.

These items wholeheartedly selected by Littlessentials, from various brands , can be nicely incorporated into the baby- and mama-hood routine. Here you will find quality multi-use pieces made of organic materials, whimsical design adding some fun to the days that can feel extremely long, little necessities that spark joy in your daily routine, and natural powers for your wellness.

Less is more - let’s see how creative you can get with these pieces. Don’t forget to share your ideas with the community. Tag #Littlessentials.

Happy parenting!

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